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The Drivel of A Spitewhore...

Because you've nothing better to do.

Twilight Speaks ("An extremely rare biscuit...")
20 March 1981
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"But, just in case Picard wasn't paying attention, his uniform had been replaced. The two light strips of transparent pink and blue material at his waist draped very lightly over his buttocks, and only slightly more substantially in front. Light silver chains were gathered to hang over his hips, and bands adorned with hanging jewels had been clamped around his ankles and wrists." - (unknown writer of fanfics)

"It's something like walking into a dream without knowing whose it is." - Diane Arbus

"Each day I pray for evening just to be with you, together, at last, at Twilight Time." - The Platters

"I have to pee." - B. Root

I'm mostly just your typical trekkie and gorefiend... with a cat. And a boyfriend. A really great boyfriend. That's it.

On Fandom-Related Stuff:

Please do not associate with me with the Twilight book series or the movie simply because I happen to have the word in my username. We have nothing in common and are not on speaking terms. The screenname comes from a bad poem I wrote when I was thirteen or so.

I write and draw quite a lot of fanfic and fanart. Recently it's primarily been Metalocalypse. So if you found me through fandom, let me know! I'll throw you onto my fandom filter, which is how I keep my family and non-fandom friends from being exposed to copious amounts of slash art and whatnot. :)

If you're looking for my fic or my art for some reason, here are the sources:

- On Livejournal

- On Y!Gallery

- On Dethslash.com

I try to make myself easy to find. XD

On Friendings/Unfriendings/Whatever:

I tend to friend people back automatically on LJ, but if you've noticed I've unfriended you recently please don't be offended. Chances are it's because I'm trying to avoid "heavy rant" journals. I probably still think you're cool, and I still like you as people, but there's a lot of hate that's been going around recently in one or more fandoms I'm part of, and I really don't want to read about who should be beaten, killed, raped, or whathaveyou. People get angry for a lot of reasons, and that's fine... but I really try to keep a civil tongue even on the internet, and reading people enthusiastically wishing violence upon others (whatever their perceived crimes) kind of leaves a sour taste in my brain. So I'm trying to weed it out.

In short, it's not you. It's me. I have a very weak stomach when it comes to hate and intolerance. It's a very hard line with me.
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