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Crows Landing
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April 8th, 2012

01:04 am - Woohoo, new game is out!

So the new game Andy worked on came out recently, called Bounty Bots. It probably plays best on a newer ipad, but it's a free download and good time (if you have an idevice... I do not, because I have a Windows phone, but sometimes I play on an ipod from Andy's work). My dad did some of the in-game music as well, and I got a special thanks in the credits. :D

This is also kind of adorable:

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January 2nd, 2012

11:06 am - Chocolate-Orange and Baileys-Eggnog Cupcakes

Holiday cupcakes! Made fast for the holidays from good ol' box mixes. XD

I've posted the chocolate orange cupcakes before. Basically, I like chocolate and orange together. No lie! I just keep making them. These were gluten and dairy free, because a neighbor needed them to be. This was accomplished by finding a gluten and dairy free box mix and adding orange juice, zest, and essence to the batter, though if I'd been feeling ambitious I might have done flourless chocolate minis to avoid gluten. The frosting was margarine, sugar, and orange juice. I shaved some orange flavored dark chocolate on the top to make them fancy. Easy.

The Baileys cupcakes were from a German chocolate mix I happened to have around. I substituted Baileys and eggnog for the water and some of the oil (since eggnog has fat in it and I didn't want them to be too moist - I've made that mistake). These were done hastily. I think I used a fourth cup of oil instead of a half, and then substituted the rest of the fluids with Baileys and eggnog. Iunno. They came out pretty rich, so only needed a light whipped cream topping (with a dusting of cinnamon-sugar).

A lot of people don't like eggnog, so I called them "Baileys cakes" to those people, "Eggnog Cakes" to the people who don't like alcohol, and "Cinnamon Cakes" to the people who don't like either alcohol or eggnog. Everyone seemed to agree that they were tasty, at least. I think I might try them again with spice cake at some point.
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December 8th, 2011

05:23 pm - More Haphazard Cooking With Sarah!
So there was this cranberry sauce/salad/relish stuff that Andy found in a grocery store last year. It was kind of a mix of cranberries, walnuts and I don't remember what else, and it was sort of straddling the line between a congealed salad and a sauce. Tart and sweet and fantastic with turkey, but I would just eat it right out of the container with a spoon because I am a slob.

I looked for it this year, but couldn't find it. I tried five different stores. Granted, I was looking for it ON AND AFTER THANKSGIVING DAY, so maybe they had it at one point and were out of it. I don't really know. What I do know is that I have The Internet, so after a suitable period of mourning I opted to figure out how to make it my own damn self. There were lots of recipes for various cranberry salads, but I am missing whatever part of the brain you need to follow a recipe, so after glancing at about half a dozen of them I went to the store, bought whatever I thought sounded good at the time, came home and did this:

Cranberry GlopCollapse )

Basically, what I ended up with was pretty close to what I remembered. It's not exactly the same, but it's pretty tasty. I have way too much of it, though, based on my "I'll just add more of THIS" tendency. Oh, well, I suppose there are worse problems to have.

We're having a Bird & Bros dinner party on Saturday (both of our brothers are coming over, and Andy is going to cook some manner of poultry), kind of a belated Thanksgiving-at-home in a way, mostly to celebrate the fact that I decorated my apartment for Christmas. So hopefully this will go along nicely as a side/condiment/whathaveyou. It's about as convoluted as the occasion, so I think it's appropriate!

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November 4th, 2011

03:09 pm - SHOCKTOBER Movie Review Wrap Up!
So there was a week or so that I was in DISNEYLAND and did not watch a single dang horror flick. I'd say it killed me a little inside, but I did watch the new season premiere of The Walking Dead (which was awesome) and a bunch of Halloween-themed cake challenges on Food Network, so really it didn't sting all that bad. Anyway, here are the rest of the horror movies I watched in October once I was back in the apartment, where the "Horror Only" rule stood fast:

Again, there are a couple of rewatches. Just couldn't help it.Collapse )

Along with these films, we also revisited choice episodes of Buffy and The X-Files, because sometimes we didn't have time to watch a full movie. I didn't include those. I also started watching the new show American Horror Story on Hulu, which I'm enjoying quite a bit.

For November, we're kind of doing a fantasy adventure epic theme, without being too terribly strict about genre. We kicked off the month with Conan: The Barbarian and are seeing where it takes it us. It'll probably include the LOTR movies, which Andy thinks I can learn to like, and a marathon of the PoC films, the last several of which I haven't seen. I'm also going to designate at least 1 week of December to purely family-friendly fare. Cartoons and feel-good kid movies. No guarantees, though. Depends on what I can get my hands on.
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October 16th, 2011



In case you didn't see it before, here is the recipe. There are also a couple more pics, but we destroyed this thing before I could think to take any glamour shots of it. Sorry!
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October 15th, 2011

11:32 pm - Flourless Chocolate Cake
My dad's birthday was this month, so we invited my family over to dinner, and I asked him what he'd like me to make for dessert. The request was for something "chocolate, so rich it's disgusting."

I have a spring-form pan I never get to use, so I'm like "hey, flourless chocolate cake!"

Disclaimer: I'm no kind of baker. I don't measure things exactly, I have a hard time following directions, and often I'm just winging things. More often than not what I end up with is edible, sometimes it's a total win, and every now and again I get a fail. I don't know what this is yet, because we haven't cut into it yet. Pics and final verdict will have to come later. I'm tossing this up here in case it does turn out good and someone asks how I made it, or if I want to make it again or tweak something for attempt #2, like maybe only use half a pound of chocolate. Otherwise, I will forget and the knowledge will disappear into the void (which happened recently with some coconut-rum-pineapple-lime cakes I made for my building manager's tiki-themed homecoming party).

Edit: Added a couple of pics. RESULTS ARE IN! It worked!

Recipe I cobbled together from other recipes online.Collapse )
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10:25 pm - SHOCKTOBER Movie Reviews!
Still keeping my promise to watch only horror movies this October, though I've admittedly cheated for a couple of tv shows (like Project Runway, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic... don't judge me, yo).

Anyway, here's week 2!

I mostly seem to have stuck to 70's flick this week. Probably because those were on Instant.Collapse )

And that's all for this week. Next week will probably be a much sparser list, as I'm going on vacation for a handful of days and probably won't be allowed to just marathon trashy genre flicks, so I'll post again when I have a decent number.
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October 7th, 2011

05:21 pm - SHOCKTOBER Movie Reviews!
I've decided that the only thing allowed on the tv for the month of October is horror movies. Goddamn it.

Andy gets to pick November's theme.

Anyway, this means my Netflix recent activity list is full of fun titles and there's been nonstop screaming in my apartment. Most of it from the television.

Week One Wrap UpCollapse )

And there we go for week 1! I'm able to average about two movies a day or so. Some of it ends up being background to chores or art projects, though, depending on how well the movie can keep my attention. I readily admit to FFing some of Vomit Dolls. I feel no shame about that.
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September 29th, 2011

11:42 am - What I'm up to now.
So I mentioned before that I started writing again, which was surprisingly easy. Like slipping on a pair of old slippers. I have no excuse not to do it, which is freeing in a lot of ways, and scary in others. Having excuses was a lot easier than trying to actually finish shit.

Anyway, I'm picking up stories and characters that I've been playing with off and on for over a decade. I started parts of this project when I was much younger (and dumber), but I always kept putting it down. Over the years I tried adapting it into online rpgs and whatnot, but could never get the stories to develop the way I wanted them to. Part of that is because I am lazy, and prone to falling back on fandom. Fandom stuff was always a lot easier to get people to play with me in, or write with me in, or talk with me about, or read in general, so fandom it was. I'm still interested in fandom. Hell, I've found new fandoms in the last year. But since jumping ship from Y!G over a year ago, and the whole fallout with my primary writing partner, I haven't really been doing much of interest. I got wrapped up in the wedding, and adapting psychologically to the whole "housewife" idea, using both of those things to excuse me from having to be creative. I considered jumping back into rping, but I know that it's largely because I want that crutch of having at least one other person to rely on for helping me with the content (and at least one other person to blame should the story fail to be finished, if it ever really gets off the ground). Creatively speaking, I've become far too dependent on others, so it's best if I force myself to fly solo, as it were.

The writing is scattered. I keep picking up one story and then putting it down for another, to where I'm juggling several things at once. Which, as those of you who used to rp with me can attest, is pretty much how I've always been wired. Whenever I've joined a game, it was never as just one character. It was never just one game. There was never just one fanfic I was working on at any given time. Hopefully, I can find the discipline to actually follow through with the things I'm starting on my own, without prompting from a writing partner. :/ That remains to be seen.

One of the projects I've started is a comic. Art for me has never come easy. I enjoy doing it, but I've never been able to do it really well, and I feel like a joke whenever I try. But there are some plotlines that I'm really interested in seeing through, that I think will work better in that medium than as prose. It's tricky, and incredibly slow going, but once I have anything worth showing I'll probably be putting it on LJ first. A lot of the stuff in this thing will probably seem familiar to those of you who have written with me. There are certain types of characters I've always loved to write, and even when I was doing fandom stuff it was usually just a matter of slapping the appropriate name and theming onto them to make them work. The main character in the first part of the comic has been adapted for HP, Buffy, Metalocalypse, Heroes, Repo, and Batman. Different name, different backstory, different sexuality, but basically the same basic personality that I've been inclined to write over and over under any remotely suitable guise. Maybe after giving him his very own identity instead of shoehorning him into someone else's world, he'll leave my brain alone. Maybe not! I guess that remains to be seen, as well.

In the meanwhile, I am having an inordinate amount of fun with this so far, even if it's kind of a struggle for me. So I'll let you guys know how it goes.
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September 20th, 2011

06:53 pm - So...
People are liking the horse game!

"I thought this would be a little kid's game or even a girl's game, but it actually turned out to be a pretty fun game."

Well, it is actually intended to be a fun game that possibly appeals to girls, but it is okay if you like it, too, dude. :D

I picked this guy's review to link solely because his horse is named Thor. He doesn't show you the store or the tack room, where you can buy saddles for your horse and then make the horse wear pink legwarmer looking things (I am not an equestrian) and post pictures of it running around in pink legwarmers on your Facebook. Which is what I've been doing.

I still don't have an i-anything, so I'm playing this on an iPod touch that Andy occasionally borrows from work specifically so that I can play this on it (or so that he can test the server or something... I don't really know what his reason is, but basically what it comes down to is I am sometimes handed A Toy). And even though I don't have a need for an iphone, I might be asking for an ipod touch for Christmas. Especially since there might be future games released for these products, and I'll probably wanna play those, too.
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